Coffee as a service
Apex Coffee
Apex Coffee brings the glory of coffee to the office.

The aim is to raise the Belgian experience around this drink to higher levels. The rich coffee culture our country has always had has been extended over the whole world. Because coffee is special. Apex wants to make people aware of the aromatic appeal, the subtle and complex richness in taste that makes this black gold so very desirable. The coffee experience goes beyond the cup. It is a moment of reflection. A mild form of euphoria. Converting that idea into something tangible was Apex Coffee's mission for maneuver. Show the vision in a strong visual concept.


Coffee is craftsmanship. We wanted to blend the symbolism behind the mastery of the coffee roaster subtly into the logo. Black represents professionalism and contrasts with white, which represents the honest taste of coffee. Just as the light colour of a cup enhances the dark drink.

The mug

We thought of the quote ‘Lift your spirit’ during the brainstorming sessions about the logo. The fact that coffee helps you lift your level of concentration and you lift the cup to do so struck us as a nice approach.

Corporate identity

In harmony with the logo, the tones of the website are also predominantly black and white. The colour combination creates strong brand recognition. We served up business cards, a brochure and packaging, just for starters. Apex Coffee is a nostalgic label for people with good taste.


On the website we dressed up the action buttons in bright blue. A fun touch amidst the static black and white. The video images on the home page take you off into the wonderful world of coffee. Whoever visits the website is immersed in a complete coffee experience. To make it easy to use, we built the website with Wordpress. We also implemented remarketing strategies in the code to reach the target in an optimal way.

“I can go to maneuver for everything. If I want a special mug, they make one. The team understands what I want. They are always 'with it', express feeling in their work and are exceptionally sound and capable.”
— Stephan Bral, owner of Apex Coffee


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