Like a child in a toy store
Toy happiness, premium packaging

Since 2000, Bertoy has been distributing toys to specialist stores in the Benelux and the rest of Europe. Their mission is to supply top quality toys that make parents with young children happy. Managers Bert and Nele believe in the quality of their products. They inhabit the world of young parents in order to build a strong, meaningful Bertoy brand.

A New Logo

Toys have been around since the beginning of time. For our logo, we went back to olden times. The time of kings. Or Pinochio. The 'B' radiates a type of dignified authenticity. A little regal, if you like. We saw Bertoy as a royal supplier of toys, a palace that is home to the very best products.

A playful touch

Corporate Identity

The logo was reflected in the general 'look and feel' of the brand. In all of the house-style elements, you see the deep red colour and subtle hints of days gone by. Aside from the website, we also developed new name badges, invoice paper, envelopes and packaging paper.

A Premium Catalogue

The catalogue provides a summary of all of the products in Bertoy's range. Full-page mood images introduce the brands and demonstrate how a product comes to life in the hands of a child. Those browsing the catalogue will thus immediately see the essence of the toys.

The Website

Bertoy is a bridge between the toy brand and a sales point: i.e. B2B. The concept of the website is also very accessible. Well organised. Who can use it? What can you use it for? The website presents the brands with eye-catching photos and provides an overview of the various dealers in each country and region.

“Today, you can only stand out as an enterprise if you invest in your image and appearance. maneuver translates this vision perfectly. They understand where we want to end up and how we wish to come across. And most importantly, they have time for you. This is really important for us. You are not just a number that is presented with a bill at the end of a process. They genuinely empathise with your brand needs”
— Bert en Nele, managers Bertoy


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