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Quality and sustainability. Buzzwords? Not at Herweyers.

This construction company has a special approach to building. Honest architecture, the best people, that's what they're all about. Innovation and openness are its core values. And that means working on your brand and business. In mid 2014, Herweyers moved to a beautiful new location in Stekene. It was time for a new home and a new identity. Tinne and Geert Herweyers wanted to use the power of digital communication to the full. They contacted us for a complete makeover.


The logo of Herweyers is sturdy yet refined. The repetitive lines representing a building give a contemporary feel. The foundations of the logo are constructed in grey letters, forming the name of the building company.

Corporate identity

From invoice stationery to jackets: every aspect of Herweyers adopted the new look. Furthermore, we also integrated the new house style to certain parts of the interior. So a house style in more ways than one, and a perfect match with the property.


The website concept builds further upon the form of the logo. Here the personality, values and achievements of the company are illustrated in a constructive way. There is a special focus on the photography of a number of exceptional projects. The white of the responsive website contrasts beautifully with the colourful images. Furthermore, Herweyers manage the website content themselves, thanks to an easy to use CMS.

“When we went to maneuver for a new logo, we were unsure. We were worried that our customers would no longer recognise us. That was in fact nonsense. Herweyers was transformed from a duckling into a swan - and became a company with real character. People really see us now.”
— Tinne en Geert Herweyers - Partners at Herweyers


With our passion for communication and multimedia, we love to bring you a bigger experience around your products and services. Get inspired by what we do and unite people in your own unique story.


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