Expeditions, naturally
At nature's mercy

Starling organises nature and photography trips, expeditions and workshops worldwide. They are not just another travel company, but the dream of numerous nature and photography guides who want to do their own thing in their own way. Without an office base, but with their own website as the place to be, Starling is an exceptional project. After more than a year of preparation, David ‘Billy’ Herman came to us with his idea. There was nothing concrete. No name. No logo. No fixed abode. We started from scratch. An adventure. The whole project depended on the visual expression of the brand and the website.

Starling Logo
Behind the bird


Starling's logo is special. The name already sounds international. You'd have to try very hard to write or pronounce it wrong. The basic colours of the logo are earthy and warm. The bird symbol is Starling. Beyond that, nothing is set in stone. Only the shape is constant. The rest is in constant evolution. The thought behind it was the changing sky and landscapes that are so characteristic and interesting in nature.

Corporate identity

For Starling we worked on the full identity. From business cards to exhibition stands and jackets. No stone was left unturned. We wanted the brand Starling to reflect the splendour of nature.


The website is a complex platform where images speak louder than words. It was essential to incorporate countless services, photos, videos and projects with an outstanding overall view. Interested parties only have one port of call - the website. You can only book online. That's why we developed the website with Drupal. Starling adds trips and workshops themselves, manage reservations on their own and blog away to their hearts content about the most amazing journeys.

“Every week we get positive reactions about the website. Funnily enough, it's mainly the competition who are over the moon about it. Without maneuver there would be no Starling. Not in this shape or form anyway. We are considered one of the bigger players in the field. That is thanks to maneuver. Thanks to them, we are who we are.”
— David ‘Billy’ Herman, founding father of Starling


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