Slow food served fast
Japanese hotspot for the ultimate taste experience.

Ramen-bar Umamido has one speciality: noodles lovingly prepared in a fresh bouillon. Super healthy. Authentic Asian cuisine with a Belgian twist. The love for Japan, pure products and the attention to detail shown by founder Guy Quirynen provide a unique dining concept.


The logo of Umamido reflects the Japanese feeling of peace and simplicity. Simplicity is at the centre. The small imperfections that you see, are a subtle reminder of the culinary world. Together with the font, they are the pepper and salt of the logo.

Simple and delicious

Creative translation

Bar Umamido's seemingly simple dish is full of flavour. This desire for purity is consistent with the design vision of maneuver. We designed the logo in line with Guy’s story and took the brand’s look-and-feel to a whole new level.

A clear image

Corporate identity

The menus, vouchers, business cards and stamps get a no-nonsense look. Straight to the point. With a choice of simple paper and clear execution.


The desire for purity is also to be found in the website. The concept is simple. White is dominant, while photos of the dishes are the stars of the show. By building the website with Wordpress, Umamido can easily adapt the content themselves. Needless to say, we used a responsive design so, even when accessed on the mobile, pages will still make your mouth water.

“The purity characterising Umamido was captured by maneuver in a refined way in the general design and style of the brand. Dealing with details is what makes this agency so special. When collaboration also leads to camaraderie without losing the focus on the goal, then you're just a darned good agency. For their people and their skills.”
— Guy Quirynen, the force behind Umamido


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